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The Process

I find a natural attraction to clay in its organic form, and I found myself driven to explore porcelain because of the transparency and beautiful raw matte look it gives once it has finished its second firing, up to about 2380 degrees. 

The way light shines through it, is just so magical to me.

Clay is interesting to work with. I’d say I feel life in it. When I am touching it, I am encouraging it to cooperate with me. I am constantly controlling it, forming it, but I must be gentle and respect the clay. I let it share with me what it wants to do that day depending on its moisture, the weather, how fast or slow it might dry. I have to do this while still maintaining my original intent with the piece. It’s very meditative, and it teaches me about myself. 

Really this art form to me is a birth from my fascination with porcelain/clay and my admiration for the the unlawful ways of nature - the directions of water, grass moving in the wind, perfection in a simple leaf that we may walk by every single day and never think about but yet it remains there, perfect and still growing. Then you take color, it is somehow in nature never the same, but always consistent and always perfection in its coordinated growth. 

On my first pieces I found myself naturally painting or carving or sculpting shapes that I am naturally drawn to in nature. So I followed this path and found that truly, every single piece has an element of what I have loved most about nature, love, or people. 

Many of my pieces I leave unglazed, which makes me feel like I am letting the clay have its own natural voice of its own, and I just love the feel and look of the matte white.

I have started using mother of pearl and gold on my pieces and you’ll see some of those coming more and more through the next releases. These require a third firing through the kiln but when done right come out very beautiful.

About the Artist

About the Artist

I grew up outside of Sacramento, California, and would spend my free time and my Summers mostly barefoot  near any river, stream, dirt path or lake I could find. When I was a teenager, my favorite  years were spent living in a tiny apartment on Capital Ave in Sac, I’d try to go see local music almost every night of the week, when the best coffee shops downtown would convert to the most inspirational small music venues. I've always felt Sacramento had some of the best cool secrets around. I’d always walk to and from the the music shows late at night, and while walking downtown I’d always pretend that I lived in some bigger, better city than Sacramento, like LA or New York. But after living in LA for 20 years, all I wanted was that small, special Sacramento feel again. The music was always just the best, and this time period in Sacramento is a huge part of me. 

I’d say music, books, love, water, trees and sunshine are my biggest inspiration and I feel fortunate that I have found a way to use the inspiration I have gotten and turn it into something that I feel is beautiful.

Now residing in Austin, TX after a quick 20 years in LA, I’m raising my kids here and hope to offer them kind people (which Austin is full of) , lots of art, water, and diverse experiences.